Dear Dream Tending Community,

How can you reconnect with and enhance your Imaginal Intelligence to meet the personal challenges/opportunities that the world presents? A shift in consciousness is needed. Research demonstrates that when theta brain wave activity increases so does your Imaginal Intelligence. This occurs when you move from an alpha wave state (a thinking/rational orientation) to a more theta wave state (a sensory/universal orientation). When journeying in the matrix of imagination theta increases and alpha decreases. This can be accomplished in two ways: with eyes open and with eyes closed. Each offers a method for you to sustain theta and increase your creativity, spontaneity, and wellbeing.

I will offer a beginning practice here of increasing theta with eyes open. At the Imagination Matrix workshop, I will offer a comprehensive method of shifting into theta consciousness with eyes closed. There, we will learn the ways of journeying ever more deeply into the realms of the Imagination Matrix. Over the years I have found that when people open their Curious Mind, as we did in last week’s Tending Tuesday exercise, Imaginal Intelligence increases.

Increasing Imaginal Intelligence

  • Find a thirty-minute block of time when you can be without external demands or distractions. Separate from screens of any kind and from agendas of daily tasks.
  • Locate yourself in a nature place or look through a window where you can perceive some quality of nature in motion.
  • Take five minutes to breathe and center yourself in a way that works for you.  Experience the flow moving through your body.
  • In this state of heightened mindfulness, bring a witnessing presence to the nature place that you are in or perceiving through the window.
  • Let your Curious Mind, not your rational mind, be your guide. Experience being inside your surroundings, not separate from them.  Feel the rhythm of the landscape.
  • Continue your experience here for as long as feels right to you, inviting in this quality of new consciousness.
  • In closing, take the time to stretch and allow yourself slowly and peacefully to come back into your body and your everyday world.

This exercise often requires thirty to forty minutes, during which you become very relaxed. You simply allow the resonate feedback to guide the mind into the realms of deep imagination, the home place of increased imaginal intelligence.



Inside the Curious Mind

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world”

– Albert Einstein

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Stephen Aizenstat

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is founder of Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dream Tending, and the Academy of Imagination. For more than 35 years, he has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology. He has collaborated with Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson, James Hillman, and Native elders worldwide. He is the author of Dream Tending and conducts dreamwork and imagination seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.