Journeys Through the Dream Portal: Discovering the Matrix of Imagination

Saturday, December 18th, 2021

Something extraordinary is happening this winter! Stephen Aizenstat will offer his new Winter Dream Tending and Imagination workshop on December 18, 2021. He will bring particular emphasis to the “generative” qualities of dreams. Dreams prepare us for what is to come. And, in times of uncertainty and challenge, this support and guidance is invaluable.

Dream Tending and Deep Imagination Certificate I Program

Thursday, January 13th, 2021

Working with tools and methods from Dream Tending, participants learn how to access the power and potential alive in dreams. We discover how to engage untapped creativity and deep intelligence that comes awake when our eyes are closed. In this one-day workshop, we experience ways of transforming nightmare images to serve a more constructive purpose.

Dream Tending and Deep Imagination Certificate I Program

February 7, 2022 – August 3, 2022

The Dream Tending and Deep Imagination Certificate I Program is a limited-enrollment program that takes place over four separate three-day sessions. The four courses reflect the multiple dimensions of psychic life and the dream. Learning in dream theory and methodology is both content based and experiential. Much of the learning will also take place in the dimension of dream life that is sensitive to aesthetic perceiving, poetic imagining, shamanic intuiting, and the art of not-knowing.

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Meet Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., has devoted his life to understanding the profound wisdom and elemental power that exists within each of us. Through our dreams and imagination, we can access limitless creativity and innovation, improved relationships, and ultimately our human potential.

Professor Aizenstat’s Dream

Tending dreams and tending deep imagination will allow thousands of people to unlock their creative potential, increase emotional and intellectual bandwidth, and realize personal and professional goals.

What Is Dream Tending?

Activate dreams and imagination to unleash your innate genius, express creativity, and contribute to the world around you through a new and dynamic perspective.

Tending Tuesdays


I’m excited to share with you that I am starting a weekly offering called Tending Tuesdays. Tending Tuesdays was inspired by a pull to sustain the value of what happens when we come together as a community. Each Tuesday, an email will come to you with a link to a new video on a Dream Tending or depth psychological topic in the form of current writing and research, interviews, discussions with colleagues, and clips of tending dreams.


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Dream Tending asks us to experiment with a worldview that playfully and soulfully sees the world as alive and always dreaming. . . within an attitude of wonderment, curiosity, and presence.

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Do you want to ignite your creativity and have a greater understanding of the human experience? Do you want to help your clients find their life purpose, tend their nightmares, and befriend frightening reoccurring dream images? Do you long to be part of an extended community of like-minded psychotherapists and people in the healing professions who are called to the value of imagination and dreams?

Be a part of the experience.

Join other creatives, innovators, and seekers at one of our Dream Tending experiences and discover what all the buzz is about!

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