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Advanced Dream Tending Graduates Community

In these listings, graduates of Dream Tending Certificate 3 and Mentors of the Academy describe their own work and offer
Dream Tending as an educational, not clinical, service.

Listings here do not imply endorsement by Dream Tending LLC.

Marna S. Cascadia

Mentors of the Academy

Marna has been facilitating earth dream work, earth dreaming retreats, and virtual dream temple groups since 2012. With fifteen years of experience facilitating poetic inquiry and poetic medicine, and five years training in Dream Tending.

Louise Rosager

Mentors of the Academy

Louise is a creative coach who uses dreams as a portal into deeper layers of creativity and self-discovery. She offers private Dream Tending sessions, group classes and creative coaching programs of varying length.

kelly carlin

Mentors of the Academy

My work allows you to enter the Deep Imagination to revive, resource, and align your personal life, your spiritual path, and your professional offerings with the call of Psyche.

Kathie McCutcheon

Mentors of the Academy

I offer individual dream tending sessions and include dream tending as part of ongoing grief support, spiritual direction or creative depth coaching.

Monica Tweet

Mentors of the Academy

Monica is a physical therapist and dream guide specializing in the integration of psyche and soma. Her offerings are designed to assist the dreamer with grounding and yielding into one’s unique body rhythms, expanding the qualities of sensory perception.

Julie Freed

Mentors of the Academy

Drawing from various streams that I have been deeply immersed in studying and practicing, we will together utilize a combination of these modalities: Dream Tending, Family Constellation/Ancestral healing, Death/Grief work, and Yoga/Breathing practices.

Myka Hanson

Mentors of the Academy

Myka specializes in working with tweens, teens, and college-age young adults. Her dream tending and coaching work, done one-on-one and in groups (in person and via Zoom), utilizes a whole-body, somatic and depth perspective. Myka believes that beginning to work with dreams at a young age can lead to...

Randal Lea

Mentors of the Academy

I have conducted group and individual sessions in the Dream Tending model for more than twenty years, including work with adolescents in foster care, women and men in sober living facilities, and with professionals in the healing arts. I have also been a trainer in the Dream Tending model, leading w...