The Imagination Matrix

by Stephen Aizenstat (Author)

Discover how you can optimize the power of your imagination to unleash your innate genius and build a better world.

If ever there was a time and a place to reconnect with imagination, that place is here, that time is now. For anyone looking for a new way forward for yourself, your community, and our struggling planet, Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., offers a powerful message of hope. The trailblazers are people like you—the seekers, creatives, dreamers, doers—who are willing and ready to tap into a collective purpose so vital, so vibrant, so resonant in the world of today.

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“You have within you a limitless source of creativity waiting to be unleashed. Its promise is nothing less than the next evolution of human consciousness.” —Stephen Aizenstat, PhD.

In The Imagination Matrix, Aizenstat expands upon his world-renowned Dream Tending method to present a step-by-step process for unlocking your potential. He reveals how anyone can gain access to the “source code of imagination” which energizes your capacity to innovate new outcomes, evolve real-world solutions, and nurture your well-being. The book explores:

  • Opening the Curious Mind—a new method to engage imagination and wonder
  • Answering the call of your Innate Genius
  • Growing your capacities of Imaginal Intelligence
  • Maintaining your humanity in an increasingly technological world
  • Claiming your creativity and purpose to meet the pull of the future

The Imagination Matrix offers a practical and uniquely personal path for becoming more purposeful, resourceful, and resilient–even when we feel overwhelmed as individuals—while developing a profound connection to the creative force that animates and flows through us all to become the agents of change that our world needs today.

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Dream Tending: Awakening to the Healing Power of Dreams

by Stephen Aizenstat (Author)

You had the most amazing dream last night. It spoke to your highest aspiration—your most secret wish—and presented a vision of a future that was right for you. But now, in the cold light of day, that inspiring dream is gone forever—or is it? According to Dr. Stephen Aizenstat—psychotherapist, university professor, and dream specialist—dreams are not just phantoms that pass in the night, but a present, living reality that you can engage with and learn from in your daily life.

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In Dream Tending, Dr. Aizenstat shows how to access the power of your dreams to transform nightmare figures into profound and helpful mentors; bring fresh warmth and intimacy into your relationships; overcome obsessions, compulsions, and addictions; engage the healing forces of dreams through imaginal “medicines”; re-imagine your career and cope with difficulties in the workplace; discover the potential of your untapped creativity; and see the world around you from a new and dynamic perspective.

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Imagination and Medicine: The Future of Healing in an Age of Neuroscience

by Stephen Aizenstat (Editor), Robert Bosnak (Editor)

In this groundbreaking collection of essays, medical scientists in a number of fields join with practitioners from the fields of non-Western medicine—the Asklepieia, body/soul therapies, and dreamwork—to explore the intimate relationship between imagination and physical health. By looking at medical science, these scholars, physicians, and healers offer their vision of what medical treatment and psychotherapy might look like in the future. Artists and architects with expertise in health care also describe and present new designs for healing centers that bring together current scientific knowledge and age-old healing practices. This collection will be of great interest to those looking to the future in the fields of therapy, medicine, and the healing professions.

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Imagining Psychological Life: Philosophical, Psychological, & Poetic Reflections—A Festschrift in Honor of Robert D. Romanyshyn

By Michael P. Sipiora (Editor), Stephen Aizenstat (Introduction)

There is a thin place where dream and event meet, a pivotal place where, as the poet John Keats once noted, the world is the vale of soul making. Robert D. Romanyshyn’s life in psychology has been a journey in the world in search of those threshold places and their momentary epiphanies. Along the way he has come to realize that psychology has been more than a profession he chose. It has been a vocation that chose him.

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Indeed, he has expressed that, in coming to be a psychologist, he senses at times that he has been in some way following a path coded in his name, Romanyshyn, which means “son of a gypsy.” He has been a wanderer drawn to those fringe areas where psychology spills into philosophy and poetry, where history and literature percolate with the shared collective dreams of the soul, and where the splendor of the world’s simple displays can awaken a forgotten, lost, and elemental sense of home. These philosophical, psychological, and poetic reflections by former students, colleagues, and friends, speak to the ways in which Dr. Romanyshyn’s journey has crossed paths with their own. These authors join him in a return home from exile which is never finished.

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