What is Dream Tending?

Dream Tending is a visionary new paradigm for thinking and living. Now everyone can access the potential of your dreams to engage your unique genius, express your creativity and contribute to the world around you with a new and dynamic perspective.

The Dream Paradigm

Imagine a practice that cultivates your creativity and innovation. Imagine that you could have more meaningful connections. Imagine that you can be part of the emerging solution and build a better future for yourself and others.

Dream Tending is the pioneering work of Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D. and more than four decades of teaching, study and practical application.

I believe that the DNA of our individual and planetary evolution is coded in the images of dreams. Combine this conviction with the idea that dream images not only live within us, but they exist all around us, in every animal, plant and object of this world. It is our dream images that give meaning to our life’s story, the journey of who we are and who we are becoming.

It is a new vision and system for how individuals and the global community can access their deep imagination through their dream state to survive, thrive and excel in our modern age and our collective future.

When you “tend”a dream, deep imagination is activated. Your mind opens and you become more attuned to our common human and planetary journey and your place in it. You are able to overcome obsessions, compulsions and addictions; bring new warmth and energy to your relationships; take your career to a new level; and to participate in a life more vibrant, alive and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Our dreams carry an inner knowing, an innate sensibility, and an element of potency that affords each of us the capacity to open to the depths of our own experience.

This practical and accessible system guides you through the process of going deeply within your dream state to engage with the wisdom of the dream images as they come forward to offer their insights and perspectives that you can apply to your daily life.

Our dreams can reveal our highest aspiration, our most secret wish, or our need for something more. Dreams are the original “altered reality” that are not just phantoms in the night but have meaning originating in both the psyche of Nature and the psyche of persons.

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