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Join Dr. Stephen Aizenstat in an immersive, online experience to unlock the mysteries and teachings of your dreams.

In today’s world of distractions, it can be hard to slow down and connect to your inner wisdom. The e-learning courses make it possible for you to re-engage the creativity alive in your dreams.

The Living Image

Learn the skill set needed to gain a deeper understanding of who and what visits in the dream time
  • Tools for remembering your dreams
  • Methods of understanding common dream themes
  • Skills of discovering how dreams can enhance your emotional and physical well being
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Learn the ways to creatively work with your nightmare dreams
  • Learn the six step process of working with your nightmares
  • Discover approaches of unmasking the horrific figures in your dreams
  • Gain techniques of finding the creative potential behind the monsters
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Major Life Changes

Discover the healing power of your dreams
  • Find the intelligence and guidance your dreams offer in times of life transition
  • Learn how you can work with dreams as treatments for obsessions, compulsions and additions
  • Discover how you can tend dreams as adjunctive medicines for body, mind and soul
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The Worlds Dreams

Discover how dreams tell about your calling and place in the world
  • Explore how dreams place you in your life’s purpose and unique calling
  • Learn skills to unlock your innovation and creativity through the ingenuity of dreams
  • Discover concrete ways that dreams support your authentic vocation, deep imagination and community building
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Unleash your creativity and unique genius

Learn the Power, Purpose and Intelligence of Dreams

Improve the quality of your relationships, discover your authentic life purpose and improve your emotional and physical health.

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