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What People Are Saying

It exceeded my expectations. I expected a good experience but had no idea the trainings would provide such a rich personal experience and that Dream Tending would add so much depth to my work with dreams.

Alexa Foster, Ph.D., psychologist

The Dream Tending Certification Program strengthened my personal dream practice and bolstered my confidence to engage my community in dreaming. I now feel empowered to help re-awaken dream in the world!

Barbara Bain, M.A.

Outstanding program! The facilitator has incredible knowledge and skill in this field and is an excellent guide and teacher as he helped us to open to dreamwork and how we may use this work in our own practice to facilitate our clients’ healing.

Marilyn O’Brien, Psy.D., psychologist

The experience has been the most powerfully moving experience in my continuing education and growth as a therapist and as a human being. I learned so much about myself, which is the missing link in much of the trainings I’ve been participating in. Thank you!

Christa Johnson, MFT

Executive Director

Bree Beltran