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We hope you enjoy this excerpt from The Imagination Matrix, a new book by Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D.

“If ever there was a time and a place to reconnect with imagination, that place is here and that time is now. Humanity stands at a crossroads, one direction leading to worse destruction, the other to the endless possible. Your contribution could help tip the balance to propel humanity forward to its better future. A pathway exists for you to make this contribution.”

“I believe this global emphasis on growing our Imaginal capacities will pull human evolution into the abundant future on a collective and individual level. This is because the imagination moving through you has a potent life of its own. However, to unlock its power, you need to unplug from the overdrive of contemporary life and create the time and space to listen within. Slowing down, separating from the to-do list, and quieting the busy mind provide space for something other to express itself. In this state of quiet, the Curious Mind, spontaneous imagination has the room to present on its own behalf. Taking just twenty minutes each day and quieting down invites the imagination— which is always moving through you, just below the surface of your awareness—to make an appearance.”

The material contained in the pages of The Imagination Matrix, guides you into another way of listening.

Inside The Curious Mind

A quote that resonated with me this week…

“Curiosity opens the way into the dance, the eternal dance of life.”

– Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst

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Stephen Aizenstat

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is founder of Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dream Tending, and the Academy of Imagination. For more than 35 years, he has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology. He has collaborated with Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson, James Hillman, and Native elders worldwide. He is the author of Dream Tending and conducts dreamwork and imagination seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.