Dear Dream Tending Community,

As we build toward our upcoming, summer programming people have asked, “How do I get started?”  Whether you are joining us for the Imagination Matrix Workshop, our Pilgrimage to Switzerland or BOTH. Below is one simple method of preparation.

This exercise is found in my new book, The Imagination Matrix.  It is important to practice changing perspective to see the overtly unseen, as well as to perceive what presents itself in the realms of deep imagination. Open your curiosity and experiment with the following praxis, Enjoy!

Expanding Your Modes of Perception:

  1. Shuttle between “soft eyes” (peripheral vision) and “focused eyes” (concentrated vision)
  2. Locate yourself on a landscape (outside is good, but inside is ok)
  3. Start with widening your vision and take in the bigger picture; notice what exists in the expanse.
  4. Next, narrow your vision -with focused eyes take in the particulars. Notice in detail what is emerging from the yet-to-be-seen, from the broader milieu that exists behind the scenes.
  5. Notice that as your perception changes, you, too, experience changes. The invisibles make a showing and surprises captivate your attention.

As the unexpected reveles itself, your imagination is activated.  This praxis is integral to exploring the magic and mysteries of the worlds behind the worlds, the realms of deep imagination.  In addition, something quite extraordinary begins to happen. Breath deepens, your body relaxes, and a sense of well being enhances. The really good news is that as your curiosity and imagination increase, so too, does your physical and emotional health.

We are just getting started. I look forward to sharing with you many additional tools and methods as we prepare to journey more fully into deeper realms of consciousness.


Dr. Stephen Aizenstat

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Stephen Aizenstat

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is founder of Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dream Tending, and the Academy of Imagination. For more than 35 years, he has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology. He has collaborated with Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson, James Hillman, and Native elders worldwide. He is the author of Dream Tending and conducts dreamwork and imagination seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.