The Imagination Matrix Workshop (discount)


Residential Option 1: March 25th – 27th, 2024

South Hall, Pacifica Graduate Institute
249 Lambert Road, Carpinteria, California

Each of us is born with a living blueprint, the essential design to evolve the imagination. You enter the world with the capacity to make creative leaps of consciousness and quantum leaps in learning. In doing so you improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.



In this three-day workshop, Dr. Aizenstat will introduce particular tools developed over 40 years of professional experience. These skills enable you to access your deepest capacities of creativity and wellbeing. Based on his new book, The Imagination Matrix, you begin with a basic shift in consciousness. This change in perception initiates the healing journey within. Next, through opening the Curious Mind you engage in an inner journey that accesses the restorative resources of self-care and healing. You will encounter elemental inner figures, Soul Companions, who offer support and guidance. Accompanied by these soul figures, you increase your Imaginal Intelligence and your Innate Genius. You come home to your authentic life calling.

Led by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat and Mentors of Dream Tending, this program offers a supportive and creative space where you can engage in practices that cultivate your imagination, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Through a combination of experiential learning, group discussions, and individual reflection, you will learn how to honor the wisdom of your dreams and deep imagination. You will learn the ways of working with them as a source of guidance, inspiration, and healing.