2023-2024 Dream Tending and Deep Imagination Certificate II Program


The Dream Tending and Deep Imagination Certificate II Program introduces the cutting edge of Dr. Stephen Aizenstat’s new work on the imagination matrix in relation to Dream Tending. This certificate program includes a time of creative incubation—a time to imagine, innovate, and tend dreams as portals into deep imagination. The work will be deeply personal as well as community-oriented. As part of this new cohort, you will journey into the universe of the dreamtime.

Throughout the four sessions of Certificate II, you will have access to individual and group mentorship within residential and online mediums. Over the months of the program, particular attention will be given to creating and deepening our heartfelt Dream Tending community. In fact, community building and networking will be a primary emphasis of our gatherings. With this protection and care, we will embrace the love, pain, and fun that come with tending dreams and deep imagination.

Continuing Education Credit Fee

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This module is ideal if you want to:

  • Connect with a sense of calling, purpose, and belonging
  • Establish a connection with your dream life and deep imagination
  • Be able to recognize what the callings of soul are asking of you
  • Learn about a relational approach to your dreams, nightmares, and waking life experience

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have deepened the relationship between your soul life and the soul of the world
  • Be able to establish intimate relationships with your soul companions
  • Be able to tend dreams and imagination in the many ways that express their desires

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