Welcome to this week’s Tending Tuesdays offering! Tending Tuesdays was inspired by a pull to sustain the value of what happens when we come together as a community. Each Tuesday, an email will come to you with a link to a new video on a Dream Tending or depth psychological topic in the form of current writing and research, interviews, discussions with colleagues, and clips of tending dreams.

Dear Dream Tending and Imagination Community,

Most every day I swim in the ocean and walk along the shoreline. I have such gratitude for the gifts that are offered. Sunrise and sunset for certain. And too, the life and beauty underwater open my curiosity and my experience of play. The water, cold at times, restores my vitality and strengthens my health. There is more. Much more. Ocean Dreaming feeds the soul.
Like a lunar consciousness, much of the ocean’s beauty is under the surface. Down, below, under the familiar visible. In and below the waves, I find the home place of the Deep Imagination, of Soul.
Ocean Dreaming is oracular, revealing the radiance alive on the surface of all sea creatures, sea plants, and seascapes. It also offers words of encouragement, telling of the bountiful wonder available to the generations to come. If only we take the time to listen, to see. Ocean knows mountain, desert, prairie, and city.
Ocean Dreaming now. Take a moment, breathe in the ocean air, experience the fluidity in your body companioning the waters of ocean’s body. Let’s smile together, let’s cry together, and, in the sounds of the ocean’s waves, let’s deepen soulful belonging together.



1) Rub your hands together for sixty seconds. Then cup them and place them over your ears.

2) Hear the ocean waves through the resonance of your cupped hands.

3) Close your eyes. Remember a time that you spent next to or in a body of water.

4) Experience your busy mind dissolving.

5) Notice your curiosity. Awaken.

6) Imagine Ocean Dreaming now. What do you hear, see, feel?

7) Through the dreamtime, share this oracular offering with someone you know or someone in need.

8) How has the soul deepened? With an open heart, offer gratitude.


Until next Tuesday . . .

In the dreamtime,


Inside The Curious Mind

This is a quote that resonated with me this week…

“Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.”

—Christy Ann Martine

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Stephen Aizenstat

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