Dear Dream Tending and Deep Imagination Community,

Today’s Tending Tuesday is brought to you by Craig Canedy, Dream Tending Mentor, and Board Certified Music Therapist.

As I write this, I am in Switzerland, surrounded by the beautiful, awe-inspiring presence of the Alps. Over the past few days, soft, smooth tones of alphorns in harmonic chorus with each other have been floating on the air; reflecting the sonorous winds weaving themselves through the rocky layers of these mammoth mountainsides. The alphorn melodies and drones are a fractal mirror of the wind’s resonance through the mountains.

I am reminded of ancient Greece and the various caves where ceremonies for the cult of Pan and his Nymphs were performed. Pan and his Nymphs are said to be somewhat sympathetically tied to sound and music. Within the ceremonial caves of ancient Greece, instruments were played, and noises were produced in order to call out to Pan and his Nymphs while also extending an invitation for the numinous to be present. It was felt that within the resonance itself, the presence of the gods appeared. Pan and his Nymphs appeared. The numinous bodies of these Deities took form within the echoing response from the cave’s walls.

The numinous is present within resonance. Just as the caves in ancient Greece were instruments of conduction for resonance and numinous space, the ever present numinous soul of place is resonating through the illuminated field of imagination. Sound and music are agents of activation for the numinous presence that embodies the resonance that is betwixt and between ourselves and dream; the living breath that pulses with the rhythm of nature through eternity and the entire cosmos. This eternal breath that breathes through resonance.

The living image breathes and has a pulse that can be felt in resonance. Let us awaken, activate, and illuminate the numinous that is present within the resonant field of the living image. Let us allow the physical space of our location, the deep conduit of connectivity with the field of imagination, and the soul of place within dream to be the temenos and the resonant cave for numinous presence to appear.

  • Invite an image to come forward; either purely in imagination or within artistic expression
  • Be present with the image
  • Vocal tone and play music with simple instruments; bells and rattles; snaps and claps
  • Play and pause
  • Attend to the generative felt field of resonance that occurs betwixt and between
  • Invite the numinous in
  • Play again
  • Play and pause
  • Even the listening is a part of the imagining
  • Awaken to the resonance
  • Invite Pan and his Nymphs into council with yourself and image
  • What happens next?

Craig Canedy
Dream Tending Mentor and Board Certified Music Therapist

Inside The Curious Mind

A quote that resonated with me this week…

“Genuinely, we know nothing: the truth is in the depth.”

— Democritus

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