How is your sleep? Do you tend to sleep through the night? Are your nights full of restlessness? Or are you somewhere in between? Wherever you are on that spectrum, sleep is essential to our existence, and trying to improve it so we can thrive in our life is critical. Without a good night’s sleep, during the day we can struggle with a lack of focus, irritability, and stress held in the physical body.


So what are some things that can help you improve your sleep? These are tried and true techniques I implement into my everyday life:


  1. Movement! One of the biggest things that has helped me maintain a regular sleep schedule is movement: every single day! Whether it’s walking my dogs, a yoga practice, hiking, or somatic movement, I try to do something every single day. One specific movement that overall can lessen stress quickly and can be used at any point in the day is SHAKING! Yes, shake your entire body, from your fingers to your toes to your head. This somatic movement can often release tension and stress from the body. Make sure you take deep breaths during and after. Notice your experience. What do you feel?


  1. Sunshine!Did you know that sitting in the sunshine first thing in the morning helps reset circadian rhythms (otherwise known as your “inner clock”)? Sunshine anytime of day can help with better sleep too. Go actually outside, without sunglasses, instead of sitting inside and having light come in through a window. Additionally, you can take regular patterns of life outside too. Sip your afternoon tea outside, or even work from your computer outside! (Ps, that’s what I’m doing right now!) Bonus: try to take your movement outside!


  1. Waking up at the same time every day. Try to stick to waking up within the same hour every single day. Sleeping in feels soooo good sometimes, but it can throw your body off! If your sleep schedule varies, even with the times you go to bed, try waking up at the same time everyday for a week and see what shifts.


  1. Slow down, turn everything off, and be in the quiet before bedtime.Silence is something we don’t often find in today’s world. With social media, news channels, and even our family, quiet time before bed isn’t all that common. See if you can create a routine where there’s quiet for at least the hour before bedtime. Get curious about how your brain and body respond to the silence!

Let me know how these land for you in your life!

With gratitude,

Samantha Ewashko, M.A.
Certified Yoga Therapist

Inside The Curious Mind

A quote that resonated with me this week…

“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”
— Leonardo da Vinci

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