Dear Dream Tending Community,

Momentum is building toward our workshops on the Imagination Matrix. We will be journeying through the realms of Dream and Imagination. Our destination is well known. It is the place of homecoming, a returning to the source of our deep belonging.

To make this courageous journey, we need the support of our Soul Companions. They will be your guides, protectors, and teachers. As you navigate the realms of deep imagination, these inner figures both lead the way and illuminate the extraordinary. Befriending this inner community has a tangible impact on outer life experience. Relationships become clear and more fulfilling, co-creation at the workplace increases, and emotional/physical health improves.

A passage from my new book, The Imagination Matrix provides a bit of elaboration.

“Soul Companions can present themselves as persons, animals, landscapes, and mythic presences. Some might already be known to you. As you get to know and trust these allies on your journey in the realms of deep imagination (below), you will find often in surprising ways that they can often become Imaginal allies you can draw upon in daily life (above). When developing this relationship, Soul Companions assist you in meeting psychological, emotional, and physical challenges.”

Join us in our Imagination Matrix workshop.

Residential Options

Resident Option 1
March 25th – 27th

Resident Option 2
July 1st – 3rd

Online Option

Module 1
April 2nd – 3rd

Module 2
April 16th – 17th


Stephen Aizenstat

Inside The Curious Mind

A quote that resonated with me this week…

“The Imagination Matrix offers portals of awareness through which each reader can find their inner code of life and their living core of creative imagination.”

– Michael Mead
Author of Awakening the Soul

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Stephen Aizenstat

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is founder of Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dream Tending, and the Academy of Imagination. For more than 35 years, he has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology. He has collaborated with Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson, James Hillman, and Native elders worldwide. He is the author of Dream Tending and conducts dreamwork and imagination seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.