Randal Lea

Mentors of the Academy

Summary of offerings

  • Individual Dream Tending Sessions
  • Organizational Consultation
  • Group Workshops


My greatest satisfaction in this work is watching people evolve as they begin the to connect dream images and waking life opportunities for change and growth! Tending dreams elevates the inherent value and wisdom of the dreaming psyche – making it available to conscious awareness. Together, this wisdom combines with a new awareness for more satisfying relationships and an increased sense of handling difficult situations.


I have conducted group and individual sessions in the Dream Tending model for more than twenty years, including work with adolescents in foster care, women and men in sober living facilities, and with professionals in the healing arts. I have also been a trainer in the Dream Tending model, leading workshops and describing the art of Dream Tending in conferences and seminars.

Services & Themes

Individual Work – Dream Groups – Consulting – Creatives – Helping Professionals – Persons in Recovery – Addictions – Family Systems / Family Constellation – Ancestral Influences – Nature – Creativity – Health – Spirituality – Life Purpose – Innovation – Social Healing – Nightmares – Animals in Dreams

Dream Tending Training

  • Myka is a current Mentor in Training in the Mentors of the Academy Program with Steven Aizenstat, PhD.
  • Completion of Dream Tending Certificate Program III
  • Completion of Dream Tending Certificate Program II
  • Completion of Dream Tending Certificate Program I


“People on their modern spiritual pilgrimage also must become aware of their own kinship with primitive savagery, with that part of themselves that society has stamped ‘unacceptable,’ of which they have been taught to become ashamed.”

– Sheldon Kopp