Louise Rosager

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Wake Up And Dream

Summary of offerings

Louise is a creative coach who uses dreams as a portal into deeper layers of creativity and self-discovery. She offers private Dream Tending sessions, group classes and creative coaching programs of varying length.

Services and Themes

Individual Work, Dream Groups, Classes, Consulting, Somatics, Expressive Arts, Creatives, Helping Professionals, Creativity, Health, Spirituality, Life Purpose, Innovation




Louise uses dreams and creative expression to awaken to the infinite wisdom within, overcome personal challenges and connect to your authentic creative voice.


Originally from a Shakespeare theatre background, Louise has fifteen years of experience in scripted content development. She served as Executive Producer of WILL, a dramatic TV series about the life and times of William Shakespeare, which aired on TNT in 2017. She works with some of the most prominent artists and writers in today’s TV/Film landscape, teaches Shakespeare for actors and facilitates dream groups for people from all walks of life.

Dream Tending Training

Louise originally studied Creative Dream Work with acting coach Kim Gillingham in Los Angeles, CA. She then completed Dream Tending certificate programs 1, 2 and 3, and is a current Mentor in Training with Steven Aizenstat and Dream Tending.

Client Testimonials

“I believe this is the some of the most valuable work I will ever do in my life. Dreamwork is a whole new language with which to understand the world, and yet it was there all along. Louise essentially holds up a mirror for you to see how your dreams and your creative work come alive.”

— Ali Winter, London, UK

“Louise Rosager’s work is incredible. Her gifts of empathy and wisdom create an imaginative experience that is illuminating and profound. If you’re curious about your dreams, blocked creatively, or simply looking for “something more”, working with Louise can help you to discover hidden treasures within your life.”

— J. French, Hollywood, CA

“Louise Rosager has made me a better writer. ”

— Nick Stone, London UK Author of Knight of Swords and Mister Clarinet

“These workshops are otherworldly. Louise guides you through the practice of deeply exploring your own dream worlds in a way that unlocks so much hidden meaning. I leave feeling like I’ve visited another planet, with pages of new ideas mined from my own imagination and inner self to use in my creative work. The instructor is fun and knowledgeable, and the workshops are an inviting, safe place to question and observe and feel.”

Kelli Fitzpatrick, Writer

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