Julie Freed

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Coming Home ~ tending dreams, life & death

Summary of offerings

Drawing from various streams that I have been deeply immersed in studying and practicing, we will together utilize a combination of these modalities:  Dream Tending, Family Constellation/Ancestral healing, Death/Grief work, and Yoga/Breathing practices.

Services and Themes

Individual Dream Tending Sessions.  Embodied Dream Tending: Somatic experiencing with emerging dream images and landscapes.  Community Dream Tending.  Accessing Active Imagination: Learning the skills and methods of Dream Tending to tend your dreams.  Mentorship: Support in developing dream tending skills, assistance developing and sustaining a daily dream tending praxis.  Services available to kids, teens, and adults.  Individual Educational Sessions: Assisting professionals in hands-on healthcare fields with learning to integrate active imagination into their body work practice.




In some ways, death has been my companion my entire life, as my two-year-old sister died 12 days before I was born. My life has been a journey through many therapies, starting at the tender age of nine. I have come to understand that by embracing my pain, I am able to turn what I have gained throughout my life into an offering for those who may benefit.  It rings true that where our wounds lie, so lie our most precious gifts.  I feel that we cannot guide anyone through terrain that we have not ourselves traversed.  It is with humility that I step out to walk with others towards their home coming, no matter their stage of life.  


Coming Home is a custom journey to meet you where you are and open the doorway to deeper freedom and authentic living. During times of transition, guidance is available if we listen deeply to our psyche, as it presents “clues” throughout our waking and dreaming life that can bring more clarity as to our next step forward. As Joseph Campbell says, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you, step by step, you know it is not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take, that is why it is your path”.  Let’s take that next step together.

Dream Tending Training

  • I have completed Dream Tending level 1, 2 and 3 and am currently in the Mentors of the Academy program. I have also attended many other DT workshops providing the breathing and centering before dreams are tended.
  • Certificate I Graduate
  • Certificate II Graduate
  • Certificate III Graduate
  • Current Mentor in Training


“Home is not where you are born; home is where all of your attempts to escape cease.”
– Naguib Mahfouz