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Dreams connect me to an intelligence that is beyond anything I learned in school. The dream images themselves come with an “intelligence” that opens us to insights and perspectives that are often “outside the box.” Since I was a child, I have depended on this intuitive and “imaginal intelligence” to guide my way and affirm my most important decisions. When I start my day by tending to dreams, I feel anchored in the deepest part of my capacity. I feel present, connected to my deeper streams of intuition and perception, and I feel engaged in the world in a responsive way. First comes dream tending, and then the involvement with family life, the agenda for the day, and the circumstances of the world.

Dreams have always been important for me. They allow me to do what I do best, to use my intuition, to figure things out in a spatial way, and to notice what exists between the lines. Dreams connect me to another part of my intelligence, an “imaginal intelligence” that is sourced deeply in my experience. Like a muse or a wise guide, dreams often bring ideas and perspectives that are unexpected, yet often inspirational or profoundly insightful. I depend on dreams as tellers of essential truths. They bring a sense of honesty and value to my life. And, they bring a kind of amusement as well.

When I tend a dream, I allow the images to open and come alive. The images become animated and embodied. As the images of dream animate, so does the world, and I feel as if I am living in a dream-like world, where the landscapes, the buildings, even the people and the things come alive with an additional spark. I most enjoy walking in the world as if it were a dream. When the world comes alive, as if it were a dream, I seem to navigate more easily, with particular capability and insight, and I “get the job done” more efficiently and with grace.

Dreams have become central to my life. They are the well out of which comes my creativity and ingenuity. Dreams source my relationship with myself and with others. In times of confusion or distrust, I turn to dreams for direction and counsel. The images and figures of dream have become my most intimate inner companions. They frequent my daily experience and offer support. Their visitation is what brings meaning and beauty into my life. As I tend to these figures, they, in turn, care for me deeply, and I feel loved. For me, the figures of dream, in their activity, are who constitute my sense of soul.


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