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These articles were written by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat and have been posted in pdf format.

"Dream Tending: Behind Today's Visible World" -(Download this document 20k, 3 pages)

  "There is much disturbance in the world today, there is also disorder in the world behind the world, in the realm of the dream time. We find ourselves in a world filled with difficult..."  

What is Dream Tending? - (Download this document 12k, 3 pages)

  "DreamTending is a method of working with dreams that considers dream images as "living images." It makes the particularity and presence of these images available to the dreamer..."  

Tending Your Dreams - (Download this document 24k, 10 pages)
  "During each night of sleep, we experience an average of four or five cycles of dreaming. For many years I have been curious about dreams, paying attention to my own, and attending to the dreams of other persons, in my clinical practice and in ongoing dream councils. Not only am I curious about the dreams, I am also interested in how we choose to relate to dreams..."  

Dreams Are Alive - (Download this document 28k, 9 pages)
  "Dreams are alive. Four or five times each night, living images play inside our brains, weaving together ingenious stories. This theater of the night affects our daily experience, shapes our decisions, largely determines who we are and who we become..."  

The Living Image - (Download this document 16k, 5 pages)
  "This morning, upon awakening, I had a sense that I had been traveling in the night. I remember, at first, visiting my old high school English class, then, stopping over at my University alma mater, and, finally, encountering an old acquaintance whom I haven't thought about or seen for well over 25 years. I began wondering. "Where was I traveling? How was I traveling?..."  

Nature Dreaming: Depth Psychology and Ecology - (Download this document 24k, 8 pages)
  "Nature is always dreaming, unfolding herself in each moment. We, also, dream—each day imagining ourselves into our own inner nature. In the meeting place between natures, a window opens, and we are deeply touched. We remember, for a time, our psychic inheritance, an endowment rooted most essentially in the rhythms of nature..."  

Tending the Dream is Tending the World - (Download this document 20k, 9 pages)
  "To develop a respectful and sustaining relationship with our dreams, we must return to a more 'indigenous' sensibility, one that is informed by the psyche of nature—an awareness that our own essential psychological spontaneities are rooted most deeply in the psyche of the natural world. We are born out of the rhythms of nature, and to ignore these rhythms is, ultimately, to deny our psychic inheritance..."  

In order to read a PDF file, you will need software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may download a free copy easily by clicking here.


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