Master Class with Live Sessions with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat

February 1, 2021 – Februrary 26, 2021

I will be offering you a step-by-step Master Class in learning how to understand your dreams. I have been working with dreams all of my life and from my direct experience along with many years of research and reflection, I have developed an approach to dream work that I name Dream Tending. I am enthused to share the tools and methods of Dream Tending with you. This is a four week hybrid Master Class. Your online immersion experience includes high production training videos, demonstration videos, a sequential ready to master curriculum, and practice exercises. In addition, I meet with the class two times during the program for two hours. In these sessions I will work with your dreams, answer questions, and supervise skills development.

In this Master Class you will learn dream work skills of:

  • Association: How to link dream images to other similar life events or circumstances for deeper understanding.
  • Amplification: Ways of deepening dream imagery to make connection archetypal references in mythology, literature, and story.
  • Animation: Processes of experiencing dream images as alive with presence, pulse and body.

You will also acquire valuable methods and concepts to take your dream work to the next level. These teachings include:

  • Opening Body Awareness: Engaging dream figures as embodied images.
  • Hosting Living Images: Experiencing dream images as living entities of the Dreamtime.
  • Cultivating Presence in the Here and Now: Discovering how dreams never were, but always are, in the actuality of present experience.
  • Discovering an Attitude of Not Knowing: Finding the comfort of not immediately having all the answers about a dream