June 23 + Post-Conference Workshop – Possible Humans, Possible Worlds:  Re-Imagining Evolutionary Transformation

Join internationally renowned thought leaders Jean Houston and Stephen Aizenstat in re-imagining evolutionary transformation in light of social change. Become part of the orchestration of a new kind of music that blends as it harmonizes an evolved pattern of what it means to be human.  Explore together new ways of being and doing, as we give “place” and “name” to objective and internal domains about to emerge from the imaginal realms. In this workshop, practices in social artistry, navigational tools of journeying, and experiences of meta-technologies will be offered as participants co-create an experience of intention, evocation, and social action that address the great issues of our time: climate change and ecology, social welfare, new forms of governance, education, economics, and equality between diverse groups.  We invite you to join us in a New Emergence, becoming Possible Humans together in co-creating a Possible World.

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