Dream Tending Certificate II
Fourth Session Web Portal

Welcome to the Dream Tending Certificate Program II, Session Four.
This session will take place over 4 days, following the schedule provided below on July 26-29, 2020.


Sunday, July 26

  • 4-7pm PDT

Monday, July 27

  • 9am-12pm PDT
  • 1-3pm PDT
  • 4-6pm PDT

Tuesday, July 28

  • 9am-12pm PDT
  • 1-3 PDT
  • 4-6pm PDT

Wednesday, July 29

  • 9am-12pm PDT
  • 1-3pm PDT


  • Seminar livestreams are available via the Zoom Platform.
  • Exercises and preparatory materials will be uploaded to this website.
  • To earn continuing education credits, you must sign in and out at the scheduled times on the Zoom platform for the course. This information will be provided to the CEC coordinator for the purpose of establishing attendance credit for the program.

How to Access the Live Seminars via Zoom

Welcome to the Dream Tending Certificate program.

You may connect to the sessions using Zoom, where you can watch on your computer or mobile device. If you haven’t already installed the Zoom application on your computer or device, we suggest doing so prior to the start of the Certificate program by clicking this link if you’re on a computer or this link for iOS or this link for AndroidIf you plan to call in with telephone, which is audio only, you do not need to download the Zoom app.

Note: on a mobile device the downloads section is located below the comments. 

Prepare for the Dream Tending Certificate Session

  • See the downloads section to access your handouts for the session.



2019-2020 Dream Tending Certificate II Readings and Session Outlines

Boundaries of Self and Reality Online – Gackenback and Bown

 Zoom Registration Links

Individual zoom links for each time period of the program will be available here. Please check back soon. If you have  any questions, contact Heidi at 805-770-0192.