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DreamTending is a method of working with dreams that considers dream images as "living images." It makes the particularity and presence of these images available to the dreamer. The wisdom of ancestral callings, the instinctual knowledge of animal visitations, the musings of the soul are attended to from a psyche-centered, rather than person-centered, perspective. The "intelligence" of the dream is listened to from the inside out.

To "tend" a dream is not just to interpret or analyze it. The figures and landscapes of dreams are experienced as alive and moving about with a certain degree of autonomy. In a very practical and accessible way, the craft of DreamTending offers the possibility of listening deeply to the voices of the dream images themselves as they come forward to offer their insights and perspectives.

DreamTending appreciates that dreams carry an inner knowing, an innate sensibility, and an element of potency that affords each of us the capacity to open to the depths of our own experience. When we tend a dream, images come "awake," imagination is animated, and we participate in life more fully rooted in the way of the dream.

DreamTending orients around four essential ideas. Click on the links below to explore them.

The Dreaming Psyche is Multidimensional
Dreams Are Alive  
Everything Dreams  
Dreams Happen Now  

A downloadable pdf version of this material is available in our DreamTending Resource Section.


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