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The books, CDs, and DVDs listed here are available for purchase through the
Pacifica Graduate Institute Bookstore
Phone: 805-969-3626, Ext. 121       Email: bookstore@pacifica.edu.

Transform Your Relationships, Career, Health, and Spirit
By Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.


Rooted in Stephen Aizenstatís 35 years of work with the greatest dream masters of the West, as well as respected traditional shamans and healers worldwide, Dream Tending is packed with revolutionary insights and practical methods that will help you to experience the powerful, mutually beneficial interaction of dreams and reality that Anais Nin called ďthe highest form of living.

Healing with Nature in Mind
Edited by Linda Duzzell and Craig Chalquist
In 1995, Sierra Club Books published Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind, the influential anthology that brought together psychologists and ecologists to define a new discipline and a new vision of planetary and personal health. Since then, more and more people have come to psychotherapy with concerns and fears about humankindís damaged relationship with the web of life we depend on—and therapists are asking: Where can I find out more about the psyche-world connection? How can I do hands-on work in this area? This volume is the eagerly awaited response.
Imagination & Medicine:
The Future of Healing in an Age of Neuroscience
Edited by Stephen Aizenstat and Robert Bosnak
Imagination and Medicine  
In this groundbreaking collection of essays, medical scientists in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, neuroscience, and the placebo effect join with practitioners in the fields of non-Western medicine, the Asklepieia, body/soul therapies, and dream to explore the intimate relationship between imagination and physical health. By looking at medical science, present and past, native and modern, these scholars, physicians, and healers offer their vision of what medical treatment might look like in the future. Artists and architects with expertise in health care also describe and present new designs for healing centers that bring together current scientific knowledge and age-old healing practices. This collection will be of great interest to those looking to the future in the fields of therapy, medicine, and the healing professions.
DreamTending with Stephen Aizenstat
A Film by Russ Spencer—53 min. DVD
Stephen Aizenstat's groundbreaking DreamTending DVD is an invaluable resource. Dr. Aizenstat's innovative and deeply humanistic approach takes viewers deep into the mysteries their own dream life, revealing a vast untapped source of meaning, tenderness, and understanding. This documentary-style film is enhanced by rare on-camera interviews with Robert Johnson, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, and Michael Meade. In addition, it features a wealth of rich, mythic images that illuminate Dr. Aizenstat's compelling narrative. It is a film filled with ideas, nuance, and valuable information -- all of which become revealed more fully with repeated viewing.
DreamTending—DreamTending—7 CD set, (7-1/4 hours)
By Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.
In this series Dr. Aizenstat describes techniques for uncovering the hidden intelligence of your dreams. Topics include:
The Language of Dreams, The Key to Dreamwork, The Animated Image, Dreams and the Body, Encountering the Demonic, and Nature and Psyche.
Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field—Essays from Pacifica Graduate Institute
Edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. and Lionel Corbett, M.D
This first harvesting of essays faculty members at Pacifica Graduate Institute is witness to how Depth Psychology has established itself as a unique field of study with its own ontological awareness of the human person. In the Introduction to this book Dr. Aizenstat tells the story of the school in, "Pacifica Graduate Institute: Unfolding a Dream." His essay, "Dreams are Alive," also appears in the book.
The Dream and the Underworld
By James Hillman
In this book James Hillman develops the first new view of dreams since Freud and Jung. In a profound extension of Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious, Hillman goes back to classical theories in terms of poetics of mythology. He relates our dreaming life to the myths of the Underworld and to the gods and figures of death, which leads to the interpretation in relation to the psychology of “dying.” He concludes with a long section on specific dream images and themes as they appear in psychological praxis.
The Nature Writings of C.G. Jung
Edited by Meredith Sabini
Join Jung as he rediscovers the original unity of Nature, and the spirits inside matter come to life once again. These selections, not just from his published writings, but also from speeches, obscure seminars, interviews, and letters, show a less familiar side of the famous Swiss psychiatrist, whose deep concern over the loss of our emotional and mythic relationship with Nature is expressed in moving, poetic terms.
A Little Course in Dreams
By Robert Bosnak
Foreword by Denise Levertov.
This book makes it clear that the imagination is a powerful force that simultaneously “poisons” us and provides the remedies to the soul’s ills. Dreamwork thus opens the way to the healing and transformation of the soul.
Thou Art That
Transforming the Religious Metaphor
By Joesph Campbell
Edited by Eugene Kennedy, Ph.D.
This book brings together previously uncollected essays and lectures into the first work of Joseph Campbell to focus on the Judeo-Christian tradition, its symbols and metaphors, and how our modern culture often misinterprets them. Campbell holds these common symbols to the light and reinterprets them in the context of his knowledge of world mythology.
Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind
Edited by Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes, and Allen D. Kanner.
This collection of essays marks the coming together of leading-edge psychologists and ecologists to redefine sanity on a personal and planetary scale. It is the first in-depth exploration of an exciting new field, presenting revolutionary concepts of mental health along with a vision of renewal for the environmental movement. The collection includes an essay by Stephen Aizenstat on “Jungian Psychology and the World Unconscious.”
A Blue Fire
By James Hillman
Selected writings by James Hillman, introduced and edited by Thomas Moore
The elaborate psychological theory sketched in this collection of writings glistens with a strong tincture of Mercury. At the heart of an essay Hillman will often plant a bomb that explodes some axiomatic assumption. He turns upside down many ideas people hold dear and unreflected. Like an artist painting a still life, he allows phenomena to show themselves for our contemplation.
Inner Work—Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth
By Robert A. Johnson
In this book, Johnson provides a four-step way to bring our conscious and unconscious selves together, immeasurably enriching our life experience. Providing an understanding of dream symbols and images, he leads the reader through a ceremony that translates the dream into a memorable physical experience.
Psychology at the Threshold
Edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. and Lionel Corbett, M.D.
This volume of selected papers from the international conference, "Psychology at the Threshold" in 2000, represents a sampling of presentations that seek to imagine psyche into the future while remembering her past. These papers extend and deepen the discipline of depth psychology, which has been informed by a long lineage of women and men who looked and listened with a metaphoric, poetic and imaginal sensibility to the subtleties of human experience.
By Maren Tonder Hansen

Drawing on her three pregnancies, births, and babies, Maren Hansen invites us along on the journey into motherhood, where we see that the deepest spiritual realities are intertwined with the commonest daily events. In this highly readable story, Hansen weaves personal experience, dream work, and myth, exploring the inner experience of motherhood. An experienced dream therapist, Hansen reveals her way of working with her own dreams. (Excerpts from MotherMysteries are available on audiocassette from www.soundstrue.com).


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