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The Global Dream Initiative calls for recognition of the trauma in the world, and the need to participate in its healing. We assert that the world's suffering appears in the living images of dreams and that we can creatively respond.

Dream Tending is a practice developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat that sees the world as alive and always dreaming. Through the practice of dream tending, we are able to engage the voices of the world's dreams, speaking on their own behalf and asking for response.

The Global Dream Initiative is developing a forum to see and hear the world's dreams and to utilize them to create new and more generative ways of responding to the trauma of the world—ways that are not trapped in the cultural, political, economic, and environmental approaches that now are failing us.

Please participate and become part of the Global Dream Initiative.

Please note: We respect your privacy and will not use your personal information for any purpose other than to contact you regarding the Global Dream Initiative.


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